Supplier Booking Journey

Feature and sell thousands of multi-day tour products on your website with a single, automated connection and a branded booking journey.

A branded booking journey optimised for travellers and agents to search, compare and book multi-day tours.

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Stay ahead of the competition

Lead the way in the online sale of multi-day tours and take advantage of one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry by using an optimised multi-day tour booking journey.

Boost sales

Increase profit margins and sales with healthy commissions averaging $286AUD per booking, plus potential override bonuses for sales volume. Multi-day tours are one of the most profitable travel products.

Expand product offering

Provide your customers with over 100,000 departures of new multi-day tour products ready to be booked on your website.

Increase basket value

Increase average basket value and drive huge revenue growth by selling multi-day tours. The high price-point of multi-day tours makes them one of the most valuable travel products to sell on your platform.

Drive lead generation

Reach new customers with multi-day tours. 60% of travellers research and book multi-day tours prior to purchasing other travel products, making them an ideal lead generation product.

No internal resources? No worries

Selling multi-day tours on your platform will not require internal resources. Tour Amigo manages and maintains all supplier connections, allowing you to spend more time and resources on marketing and selling the tours.

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Opportunity for distribution partners

  • Cycling Tours
  • Sporting Tours
  • Family Tours
  • Photography Tours
  • Scuba Tours
  • LGBT Tours
  • Wellbeing Tours
  • Antarctica - 42 Tours
  • Central America - 175 Tours
  • Africa - 685 Tours
  • Asia - 1060 Tours
  • Europe - 1593 Tours
  • South America - 508 Tours
  • North America - 508 Tours
  • Arctic - 11 Tours
  • Oceania - 410 Tours
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Our Technology


Our Tour Partners

95% of multi-day tour operators currently have their tour itineraries and booking offline or have limited API technology.


Tour Amigo API

Tour Amigo's innovative technology digitalises the multi-day tour products and converts to a single API connection.

Our connection already hosts over 500,000 tour departures from some of the largest and most-popular multi-day tour providers globally.


Agent/Distribution Partner

Our API would allow you to instantly connect to our global network of tour operators without the burden of manual entry or managing multiple connections and data feeds.

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