Frequently asked questions about our platform

Not at all. Tour Amigo is an entirely cloud-based system, so there’s no need to download or install anything. On top of that, being cloud-based means that all updates are automatic and do not need to be manually downloaded/installed either.

Tour Amigo provides cost-effective solutions for your tour business, which is reflected in our pricing options. For tour businesses who wish to have access to our complete booking and reservation, the cost of using our system is free, and you only pay a 2.9% transaction fee once you receive a booking. This will also give you access to our global distribution network.
For tour businesses who already have their own software, but require a bookable API and global distribution on our network of partners, the cost is $369/month plus a 2.9% transaction fee.
Lastly, for tour businesses who already have their own technology and an API, but require a custom connection into Tour Amigo’s global distribution network, the cost will be $749/month plus a 2.9% transaction fee.

Tour Amigo works with a diverse range of global distribution partners and when you partner with Tour Amigo, you will have access to as many of our global distribution partners as you like. You can simply choose to work with all our distribution partners, or you can select particular partners who you feel closely align with your products. Also, Tour Amigo does not get involved with any of the commercial agreements, instead, we give the tour operator full control to arrange their own commercial agreements with the distribution partner.

Tour Amigo does not just supply innovative technology, we also provide your business with superior service. Tour Amigo will look after the management and maintenance of your live connection, as well as updating any promotions, discounts and availability changes to all distribution partners instantly.