Frequently asked questions about our platform

For each booking that you make, we take a small percentage clip. The percentage varies depending on your plan. We charge 2.5% commission for each booking on the startup plan, and 2.25% commission on the business pro plan. We are happy to negotiate the commission charge for companies on the enterprise subscription plan.

We offer a range of plans to suit your business. The startup plan is most suited for supporting new businesses and startups that have been running for 0-2 years. The business pro plan is for businesses that have been running for over 2 years. The enterprise plan is best for businesses that have more than 1 tour brand/business, and you can contact us so that we can develop custom pricing for this subscription plan.

Tour Amigo works with a diverse range of global distribution partners, when you partner with Tour Amigo, you will have contact with as many of our global distribution partners as you like. You can simply choose to be featured on all of our distribution partners, or you can select particular distribution partners.

Nope. When you partner with Tour Amigo, you're not just provided with innovative technology, you're also provided with a world-class service. We will manage the maintenance, updates and the live connection, including promotions and discounts, which are included in the price of your distribution fee.