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Goroka Show, Papua New Guinea - Limited Edition


  • Still largely untouched by mass tourism, Papua New Guinea is a truly an off-the-beaten path destination, home to friendly locals and well-preserved customs.
  • The Goroka Show – which brings together over 100 tribes from across Papua New Guinea – is a brilliant display of PNG's immense cultural diversity. Spend a full two days immersed in performances of dance, song and ritual.
  • Spend a day with the Simbu tribespeople of the Asaro Valley. Take part in traditional activities such as basket weaving, face painting and flute playing with local elders, and be welcomed to a traditional sing-sing gathering.
  • Visit the village home to the Asaro Mudmen, who once used intimidating clay masks to scare their enemies. While there, you'll take part in a fire-making ceremony, observe a cultural show and join the local villagers in a traditional mumu meal.


Every year in September, over 100 clans gather in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea for one of the biggest tribal festivals in the world: the Goroka Show. Set to the beat of Kundu drums, thousands of painted, feather-adorned tribespeople come together in a huge sing-sing to perform traditional songs, dances and rituals. And in 2018, you're invited. Join us on this Limited Edition adventure and discover the huge cultural diversity of PNG. Under the guidance of a local leader, you'll spend two full days at the Show, as well as several days in the beautiful Asaro Valley, where you'll interact with friendly villagers – including the famous Asaro Mudmen and Simbu tribes – through performances and immersive activities. Keen to step off the beaten path and learn about some of the world's best preserved tribal cultures? This is your chance.

  • Day 1: Goroka
  • Day 2: (Itinerary 1) Asaro Valley Mudmen Village / (Itinerary 2 ) Kemege Village
  • Day 3: (Itinerary 1) Asaro Valley - Simbu Village / (Itinerary 2) Goroka Pikini
  • Day 4: (Itinerary 1) Kemege Village / (Itinerary 2) Goroka Show
  • Day 5: (Itinerary 1) Goroka Pikini Day / (Itinerary 2) Goroka Show
  • Day 6: (Itinerary 1) Goroka Show / (Itinerary 2) Asaro Valley Mudmen
  • Day 7: (Itinerary 1) Goroka Show / (Itinerary 2) Asaro Valley - Simbu Village
  • Day 8: Goroka
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5 breakfasts, 2 lunches

difficulty level average

Private vehicle

max group size 12

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